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For those who are not familiar with the term, paper embroidery seems strange. Most people will think that it is rather strange idea that instead of fabric, you will be embroidering disponível paper. However, you should know that this kind of embroidery has been in practice for many decades now. Only, it was not that popular since very few people have shown interest disponível it.
But, if you get the hang of it, you will surely love this embroidery craft. You will be amazed at just how paper embroidery can be so much fun. This basically involves stitching designs to paper or thin card. And did you know that this craft is excellent in decorating nondescript items such as bookmarks, table decors, materials in scrapbooking and greeting cards. And even as beginner, you can surprisingly produce great items using paper embroidery.
History of Paper Embroidery
In the 1970s, string art pictures were popular. Many believed that paper embroidery has been strongly influenced by this string art pictures. However, paper embroidery started in Holland in the 1990s when e Dutch designer named Erica Fortgens wrote books containing instructions for stitching cards and making patterns for them.
The programador visual said that she started designing patterns when she made dinner cards with gold embroidery; the cards became very popular. Also in the 1990s, se wool manufacturer, Madeira, started manufacturing embroidery paper kits which were sold under the name Pickpoints. Only few kits were produced though.
In 1998, Card Inspirations which is an English craft company launched stitching cards. These were named Form-Autor-Lines which were first designed by Anne Harding and Linda Jefferson. Then, David Jefferson designed para computer drawing program which was used to convert the cards into patterns. These became the first two Form-Caso-Lines kits which became very popular; thus, the evolution of paper embroidery begun.
Application of Paper Embroidery
So where and when can you make paper embroidery useful? Well, in many occasions and many ways. The following are uses of paper embroidery;
• Greeting cards – stitching cards are becoming very popular nowadays especially for people who want personalized greeting cards.
• Scrapbooking – instead of using colored scrapbooking papers, you can add life to your scrapbooks by using embroidered paper.
• Table decors – you can make embroidered decorations for your tables
• Bookmarks or notebook covers – instead of frowning over essa plain bookmark or notebook, you can lighten it up by adding embroidery conectado them.
• Tags – you may also embroider gift tags or name tags should you like por personalized touch
The Things to Consider In Paper Embroidery
If you are planning to do paper embroidery, there are several things that you need to consider. And among the most important are the materials that you will need. First, you need to decide disponível the type of paper you will be using. Be sure to choose papers which can hold the threads. It should also be fibrous and can allow you to push the needles through it.
The type of needles that you are going to use should be very thin and sharp. Many recommend that ao preço de paper embroiderer use 75/11 needle size. The threads that you will be using are the next thing to consider. You can actually use any kind of threads you prefer. But make sure that it will perfectly fit he needle as well as suit the paper you are using na Internet your project.
There is not much you need in order to start your project. You just have to keep in mind that in paper embroidery, creativity is also the best factor to consider.

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