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thrombosed external hemorrhoid garlicpest rare skin, incessant itching skin, suffered by thousands of people around the world are becoming more frequent. The itching is so intense and relentless that the only relief is near scalding baths taken several times a day to keep the bugs at bay.
How parasites itchy skin contract? A woman who contracted a bird's nest from a window of the released land. Another lady, with her husband contracted the furniture they rented while their furniture was in transit. An individual has contracted with a cloud of dust when cutting a dead tree. Another woman held a nest mouse away from a quilt in his garage and contracted. Dressed in a marriage with another lady to fall another lady are traded. One woman even said she contracted from a colleague opposite, sitting at work in a meeting. She claims that the droplets from the mouth saw spoke. My personal hell began when she was a cloud of dust on me as I put a vine that strangles a tree in my backyard.
The first symptoms usually appear between 24 and 36 hours after exposure. The first symptoms are itching of the skin of the person to run a hot bath to relieve symptoms. Unfortunately, in a few hours to return the intense itching. anti-itch creams only provide a respite for a few hours.
Normally, it is hardly visible to the naked eye, but you may have noticed a little glow to your skin to sunlight. Within days, the symptoms become severe, the itching has developed a burning sensation that feels like under the skin, skin rashes and lesions develop everywhere.
The doctor prescribes Elimite, Diprolene, Quell, cortisone, sulfa ... and antibiotics rule for the eruption. There is an immediate relief to about four days, the symptoms of itching returned with full force. It's almost like parasites adapt and become immune against the treatment of prey.
Then the GP refers the individual to a dermatologist or a specialist. The dermatologist or a specialist is often to explain the loss of fitness. Because it can diagnose anything is offered, often the problem is caused by stress or because the lesions are scratched by nails.
After the conviction, which can take a plug of sample for a biopsy test and blood. The victim, finally, that the results of the test, to identify causal and begin to expect the test results so that appropriate treatment can be prescribed microorganism.
However, the blood is essentially normal, except for a slight increase in the CBC, which may indicate a mild infection - not for alarm. And biopsy results are negative. The individual begins to think that he / she saw a bad dream.
Inadvertently, while all this occurs, the environment of the victim - that is the whole house, including furniture, bedding, clothing ... is infected. Some people start to notice dark spots or a granular material in their beds, or realize fibers, some of the injuries and the cotton ball like material on the skin arise.
remove thrombosed external hemorrhoid treat despair and panic results in all types of wormers, herbs and chelation therapy or removal of mercury amalgam filings in their teeth, drugs of Mexico, faith healing, rifing ... especially without success.
Offensive parasites are usually one or more of several skin parasites:
1. Collembola (springtails)
2. stercoralis
3. Morgellons
Unfortunately, the fact that almost all physicians are totally inexperienced with the treatment of these pathogens and for two of them, there is no diagnostic test available. And ironically, that can be identified (the Strongyloides) is a rare nematode requiring a dewormer, doctors in treatment are still inexperienced.
As we are drawn together, usually shrinks in contact with the skin:
Iinfected clothing, furniture, jewelry ...
The Strongloides has a life cycle, when there are internal as part of their life cycle takes some of them to the skin, where they can infect others. Therefore, even if they are first spread of bed bugs and mites that can spread easily in contact with warm skin with an infected clothing or furniture piece.
Sexual contact is not necessary for the transfer - mere skin contact is all that is needed.
Long-term exposure can lead to complications of memory loss, joint pain, mental confusion, fibromyalgia, ADHD, bipolar disorder ... However, it is unknown whether these complications are only skin parasites or due infections that accompany Lyme disease and protozoa, often accompany skin parasites.
Once infected by parasites of the skin is a lot of hard work needed to take his life.
1. Clean all bedding, clothing, jewelry, cars, jobs ...
2. Epson salts bath cleaning protocols body with tea tree oil and use 999 followed-cream (available in Chinese shops).
3. The regime / Lyme parasite as the fruit is rich in protein and popular, wheat ... zero carbs skin parasites have food preferences. There are foods they like and reward you for it with the power to bite and sting and no food to starve. It took three years to discover and perfect the diet. Fortunately, it has been reported to work with all known types of skin parasites. It is also the special regime that can create magic on the agenda.
4. APRO eradicate or success of several other prescription drugs, many of the parasites.
Yes, life can return to the itchy skin parasites to normal and can from this bad dream and all directions in an electronic book entitled Itch Calming wake up in the control diet.
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