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Description of Work

Completions Date

NABISCO Factory, Dammam. Al-Olayan Group of Companies

  • Installation of Main Distribution Panel, Sub Distribution panels, bus bar systems and L.V. side wiring.
August 1992

Saudi Public Transportation Co. (SAPTCO) Dammam.

  • Supply and installation of cables for rerouting of the Main Panel and some repairs job.
October 1992

A.F. Al-Kraidees Est.New Ford Car Showroom Tawkilat Al-Jazira Dammam.

  • Construction of Unit substation.
  • Installation of Transformer, Distribution Panels, Supply and laying of all L.V. cables, grounding system etc.
November 1992

Sahara- Building Contractors Khobar.-For Saudi Milk Co. SADAFCO

  • Testing, commissioning, relay setting for M.V switch-gear, Hi-Pot testing.
December 1992

Al-Shamrani Factory.

  • Installation, commissioning, relay setting, Hi-pot testing for M.V switch-gears & cables.
  • Installation of 1500kVA Transformers and Ring Main Units.
  • Grounding system.
June 1993

Bitumat Co. Ltd. Dammam

  • Testing & Commissioning of the Ring Main Units, SF6 Gas insulated switch-gears and 1000KVA Transformers.
  • Di- electric test for Transformer Oil
August 1993

Al Maha Trading Est. Dammam

  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Auto Transformer.
  • Installation of the Main Distribution Panel Board and related cabling, connection of the Main Single Core Cable to SCECO Transformer.
November 1993

SIPCO (Saudi Industries Pain Co.) Dammam

  • Construction of the SCECO Sub-station.
  • Concrete foundation for the Panel Boards.
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Panel Boards with 800A Main Breaker and related wiring.
March 1994

Al-Mutlaq Furniture Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Dammam.

  • Construction of the SCECO Substation
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of the Main Distribution Panel and related wiring.
June 1994

Al-Andalus Wedding Hall Dammam.

  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of the Main Distribution Panel & related cabling between customer & SCECO side.
September 1994

Al-Kadi Tent Factory, Dammam

  • Casting of concrete foundation for the Main Distribution Panel.
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of the Main Distribution Panel.
  • Cutting, Crimping and Terminating the incoming as well as outgoing cable to the Main Distribution Panel & connection of cable at SCECO substation.
December 1994

AL-Hayath Plaza

  • Erection & commissioning of H.V. Equipment.
  • Relay setting, Hi-pot test & Ground resistance test.
  • Internal Distribution net work of 17 Sub-Station.
  • Total load of 18 M.V.A
February 1995

Abbar & Zani Cold Stores

  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of M.V. Switch-gear and Ring Main Unit and 1600KVA Transformer .
  • Hi-pot test on H.T cables
  • Laying & terminating of the M.V. and L.V. cables.
March 1995

Khalifa Al-Gosaibi Group of Companies, Dammam.

  • Laying of cables & terminations in SCECO Sub-Station and Main Circuit Breaker.
April 1995

Al-Muhaidib Trading & Contracting Co Dammam.

  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Ring Main Unit, SF6 Gas insulated switch-gear & 1000KVA Transformer.
  • Hi-pot test on H.T cables.
  • Laying, Cutting, Crimping and Terminating the H.T cables to the RMU switch-gear & Transformer.
  • LLaying, Cutting and Crimping the L.T. cable to the secondary side of the Transformer.
November 199


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