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Description of Work

Completions Date

E.A Juffali & Brothers (Mercedes Benz New Car Workshop)

  • Installation, testing & commissioning of M.V switchgear.
  • Relay testing & testing.
  • M.V cable terminations.
  • Grounding system.
  • Diverting of the existing M.V cable to the new network of the workshop.
October 1999

Zahir Gazawi Factory, Dallah Area dammam

  • Wiring for Up-gradation of the electrical system.
October 1999


  • Al-Guraya SCECO power plant in Hassa area M.V cable splicing on existing cable trays.
December 1999

Olayan Kimberly 1st Industrial City

  • Supply and installation of KWH Meter
January 2000

Bedoun Essem M.A.H Group of Companies

  • Supply and Installation of the Main Breaker near sub-station, Distribution board in work place installation of cable ladders laying & termination of cables.
January 2000

Maternity Hospital

  • Supply, Installation and testing of changeover switch & related wiring for making provision to take supply from SCECO trolley mounted Generated Set.
February 2000

Binzagar wall’s Co. Ltd.

  • M.V Relay setting and testing of their Main in-comer switchgear.
February 2000

G.C.D (Australian Company)

  • Installation of control panels, cable trays & ladders.
  • Supply and installation of power & control cables and total field wiring and connections for control system using Rockwell Automation designed DCS for Arabian Fiber Glass Insulation Company Up-Gradation project.
June 2000

SORG (German Company)

  • Casting of concrete foundation for the Panel Board.
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of the Main Distribution Panel and Sub-Distribution Panel Boards.
  • Laying & termination of L.V. cables.
  • Grounding system
June 2000

AMERON Saudi Arabia Ltd. AMIANTIT Group of Companies.

  • Supply and installation of step up Transformer, Isolators, Changeover switch and complete wiring to feed equipment of rating 480V using SCECO 380V supply.
October 2000

Aujan soft Drink Indus. Dammam.

  • Modification of existing M.V switchgear Room to add two switchgears for two new Transformers of 2 MVA Capacity.
  • Installation of M.V switchgear near Transformer.
  • Installation of 2 MVA Transformers –2 Nos.
  • Installation of Main Distribution Panel.
  • Installation of two Capacitor Panels for power factor correction.
  • Constructions of two stories steel structure room for the new capacitor panels.
October 2000

Al-Mutlaq compound.

  • Replacement of overhead cables by under ground cables, shifting of Panels, KWH meters, mini-pillars etc.
March 2001

National Pipe Company (NPC)

  • Total electrical & piping work for their expansion project. Includes M.V. & L.V. cable laying more than 1500 Mtrs, installation of transformers Distribution Panels etc. Piping for Drinking water, Raw water and Sewage water lines.
April 2001

Al-Grinees Cold Storage

  • Complete wiring of their new cold storage. Installation of cable trays, panels A/Cs etc.
May 2001

SAPIN – Saudi Arabian Packaging Industry

  • Modification for electrical supply system.
May 2001


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