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Peace be upon you

On behalf of myself and my employees I am pleased to welcome you to the website of Khalid Al Bahar Group.

Thanks to Allah, the company has achieved progress in its operation since its establishment in the year of 1991 .For last 24 years the company has been in the forefront in providing services to Government, Semi-Government institutions and various large group of Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our vision is to position Khalid Al Bahar Group among the top tier companies by providing quality workmanship, materials, dedication, commitments and implementing effective business strategies .we aim to focus on modernized Contracting works, Manufacturing of panel’s boards ,supplying of electrical and industrial materials

Now we seize this opportunity to thank all our Customers, Suppliers  ,Employees for their continued support and God for his mercy, pray to him to give us perseverance and strength to make further growth thereby meeting the ambitious targets set by our team and our valued customers.

Khalid Al Bahar
General Manager

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