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Elecampane and its healing properties

For thousands of years, the people have noticed the healing properties of different plants and this experience should not be neglected. One such plant is elecampane tall. It is known by a large number of names - it is called nine-force, somnite, Oman, amaus meadow, bear’s ear, wild sunflower. It grows in meadows, forests and on mountain slopes, the main thing is to be humid enough. Blossoms doubt in the second half of summer, the flowers are yellow, and in the beginning of autumn its collection begins. Oman has a tall stalk reaching one and a half meters. In total, at the moment there are about a hundred species of Oman:
• Elecampane magnificent. The stalk is fleshy, tall, the leaves have spiky. During flowering, it is used by bees to get honey;
• Elecampane rough. The stems of this plant are covered with hairs, and the leaves have a rough surface. Used to produce rubber and essential oil;
• Elecampane British. This species has in its composition a lot of alkaloids and isoflavonoids;
• Elecampane Altai. Contains a very useful alkaloid gelenin;
• Elecampane mosquito. This is the smallest species of this plant. It is used mainly for decorative purposes.

Medicinal properties
Consider the medicinal properties and contraindications of elecampane in more detail. As a medicine, the wild sunflower root is used. In the rhizomes, essential oils, flavonoids, inulin, vitamins C and E, many micro and macro elements necessary for the body accumulate. That is why Oman is so actively used in folk medicine. The substances contained in it have an immunomodulatory, calming anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the human body. It can act as an expectorant, antiseptic, bile and diuretic, it can regulate metabolism. Somnite stimulates the female genital organs, it can be used as a diaphoretic and enveloping agent. Among other things, nine-force is an excellent tonic. As you can see, this magical representative of the flora has many useful properties, because it was not for nothing that he was nicknamed the Nine-Force. Harvest both the roots and stems of plants. You can also purchase dried and ground root at any pharmacy.

Release Forms
• Decoction. The crushed and dried parts of the plant weighing about 20 g should be poured with a glass of boiling water and allowed to infuse for half an hour.
• Infusion. One spoonful of dried oman root should be filled with 200 ml of pure water and insisted for 10-12 hours.
• Tincture. Pour 200 ml of 70% medical alcohol or vodka into a spoon of dried ground root and let it brew for a day. Such a tincture can be prepared independently according to the above recipe or purchased at a pharmacy.
• Powder. You can get such a shredded dry wild sunflower in any pharmacy.
• Ointment. Add a tablespoon of crushed somnite to pork fat (about 4-5 tablespoons) and put on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Strain through cheesecloth and then cool. Add birch tar and sulfur (one teaspoon each)
• Tablets containing somnite root extract. Sold in pharmacies.
For the treatment of psoriasis, tablets and ointments with extract of elecampane may be used. They are used for diseases such as allergic manifestations on the skin, dermatitis, scabies, lichen and, in fact, psoriasis. The extract in tablets is taken 2-3 tablets three times a day with food for a month. The ointment with the extract must be applied to the affected areas for two weeks. You can also apply fresh leaves of the plant for 15-20 minutes to the affected areas for a week. This will weaken the symptoms of the disease and accelerate recovery. Somnite is undesirable to use for hypotension, kidney and heart diseases, as well as during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Also not recommended for use by children. تحميل ومشاهدة أفلام سكس مصري و سكس عراقي و سكس يمني و سكس سعودي و سكس خليجي وكل مقاطع السكس العربي المتجدده. نسوانجى مغربي جزائري تونسي و كل فيديو جديد السكس العربي و الجنس الساخن و المثير مع احلى الفتيات العربيات

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