Electrical work is not something to be taken lightly and certainly not something to be tackled by those without the required qualifications. At KABCON, we are fully qualified, as well as being comprehensively insured for your added peace of mind.

We use only the finest electrical equipment and have built up exceptional knowledge with a variety of projects in the electrical trade.

We are proud to offer the below services to our clients:

Installation, Testing and Commissioning of all Electrical equipment such as SEC interface switch-gear, Ring Main Units, Transformers, Distribution Panels etc., complete with wiring and connections.

Solar Power System
– Installation testing & commissioning.

Wind Power System – Installation testing & commissioning.

Installation of different motor drives (A.C. drives, Thyristor controlled D.C. drives etc.)

Installation & commissioning of Main Panels, Distribution Panels and Power Factor Correction- CAPACITOR Panels.

Installation & commissioning of Machines

SCADA system that included installation, Testing and Commissioning of Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) and other equipments associated with SCADA system.

High Tension & Low Tension cable laying, termination and all related works.

Our Partners

Our partners are our pride and joy, and we at KABCON are dedicated to offering our clients only the best products and services and with the great help and support of our partners we were able to achive them.

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